Energy Types

How your personality can affect your well-being (emotionally as well as physically) and what you can do about it...

Based on the book of the same name, an Energy Types workshop is an experiential seminar where we will first be introduced the MBTI®/Jungian-based theory behind our personalities and then proceed to learning about our chakras* (energy fields) and how the two areas are related.

As we raise awareness regarding our inborn tendencies, we can then celebrate our strengths as well as monitor areas in our various energy fields where a proclivity for ‘tipping the scales’ may exist.

(*If you are unfamiliar with chakras, please click here to learn more.)

Two Roads... One Destination:
Understanding, Balance, Inner Peace
Energy Types
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Do you
...find details fun or just annoying?
...consider constructive criticism to be an oxymoron? which way the TP comes off the roll?

Your life preferences can have a great impact on your overall balance.

This workshop will bring awareness to the characteristics that make you unique and to how the application of specific energy practices and modalities can support these traits for optimum health.

Energy Types... celebrating strengths and re-establishing equilibrium - emotionally as well as physically - through the breath, yoga, acupressure, sound, meditation and intention.

Come join Maureen Kelly, author, MBTI® consultant and Well-Being practitioner for an interactive workshop that will combine the timeless teachings of this personality assessment and ways we can use this information to attain equilbrium.

(This workshop is approximately 3 hours in length.)

Upcoming Workshops:

7506 Gemini Street
Birch Bay, Washington

Saturday, March 14th
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Personality, Chakras & Balance
workshop & book signing

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3602 Colby Avenue
Everett, Washington

Sunday, April 26th
1 pm - 4 pm
Personality, Chakras & Balance
workshop & book signing

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For more information or to schedule a workshop for your company, please contact Maureen at or call (360) 920-1125.

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