Chakra Play

Come join Maureen Kelly, author and certified sound healing practitioner,  for an interactive workshop that will combine toning, intention, movement and more to bring about life balance.  

Sound can be used to transmute emotions and dissolve obstacles that are creating fear, resistance and attachment in our lives - blockages to our happiness.  Both sound and emotion are vibratory in nature.  We can tap into the basis of the stuck emotion or life circumstance needing attention and pinpoint a chakra* (or chakras)  that correspond with the situation. Then, using the associated seed sounds, we are able to rely on the combination of tone and intention to resonate our being back into balance. (Also of great importance is the silence that follows the sound... This is the healing space.  This is where the vibration does its magic. )

(*If you are unfamiliar with chakras, please click here to learn more.)

(The Universe is Sound.)
* During our workshop we will address various life situations such as...
- Honoring life purpose...Not sure what it is that is calling you? Let's explore.
- Dealing with overindulgence and addictions
- Clearing Clutter (Mental as well as physical)

* A Look at Chakra Play and Meridian Tapping :
The manipulation of acupressure points in conjunction with intention

* Chakra Play and Personality :
- Addressing chakras that celebrate innate strengths as well as vulnerable areas

... and more.

Stay close to any sounds that make you glad you are alive. - Hafiz

For more information or to schedule a workshop for your company, please contact Maureen at or call (360) 920-1125.


Email: * Phone: (360) 920-1125

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