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While the original inspiration for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) blossomed when Katharine Briggs discovered C.J. Jung's book, Psychological Types back in 1923, she had already been an ardent, long-time student in the area of human behavior. After subsequent years of further observation of this behavior, now from a more structured standpoint, she was able to substantiate a theory already embraced.

Around the time of World War II, Katharine and her insightful daughter Isabel Briggs Myers were futher motivated to put this theory into action. In this chaotic, stressful environment they realized that appreciation of our own unique gifts and understanding variances in behavior could prove invaluable in appreciating our differences thereby diffusing conflict.

The first rendition of the actual MBTI® instrument has been in existence since the early 60's and has continued to expand, teach and inspire in a global fashion.

Maureen Kelly
As a communication consultant focusing on organizational and human behavior for over 25 years, I have been working with creative applications of the MBTI® Instrument as it relates to career development, (for both those already in careers as well as seniors in high school determining their life direction),  team building, time management, conflict resolution, customer service, and marital relations.

Why the MBTI® is an integral part of my life...

When I first discovered this tool years ago, I knew deep in my heart that it would be a part of my life journey... and that has proven true in so many ways. Wanting to make a difference is an ongoing goal of mine and when you consider the background of this instrument, I believe it clearly emphasizes that there is no doubt that we as individuals can indeed make a difference in the world.

At any given point in history, we face both change and the challenges that diversity can precipitate. The period were are in is no exception and may even prove to be the most divisive and potentially destructive yet.

As we become more familiar with our own innate strengths and honor them, our sense of joy and fulfillment in life will thereby increase. By more deeply comprehending our own unique orientations, we then learn to recognize why others behave as they do based on their own individual tendencies. We are able to understand behavior at a much deeper level and that awareness is key. This proves true whether the interaction is transpiring between partners, colleagues or friends.

What your team can expect to gain:
* Provides a straightforward affirmative path to self-understanding
* Provides a way to improve communication patterns
* Improves motivation and commitment
* Helps identify sources of conflict
* Emphasizes the value of diversity
* ...it works.

So no matter the size of your team or the aim of your business or group,
this instrument is an invaluable asset and investment.
Please contact me to discuss your individual needs and we can tailor a workshop just for you.

Past clients include Northwest Airlines, MCA Records, Columbia/HCA Hospitals, U S Navy, Nashua High School, and many more.


Sage Workshops also offers workshops and sessions using the

This indicator can be administered to children between the ages of 5 and 12. (Questions can be read to the younger children). The aim in sharing this instrument is to help children understand themselves, recognize their own uniqueness and facilitate improved relationships through this recognition. This can be key in home situations as well as school environments.

Family packages are available so that the parents as well as siblings can determine their 'Type'. This knowledge can be invaluable on so many levels including easing conflict through the understanding that we are all different and feeling empowered by knowing ourselves and tapping into our inherent gifts.

Call (360) 920-1125 or email sageworkshops@comcast.net to learn more about these consults.

Email: sageworkshops@comcast.net * Phone: (360) 920-1125

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